The Ultimate Decision

About Us

You will find out from the start that Brad Henry has failed many times in life. But Brad's message is that "Just because you have failed does not mean you are a failure."

I grew up in a privileged home. My dad was a country doctor who even made house calls at night. Most nights we would throw the football in the front yard and I can't remember a vacation that we didn't all go on together. Our family was close and our security intact.

February 10, 1969 changed our family's life forever. Around 7:00 pm my brother Jeff and I were watching TV with my Dad. He started breathing real heavy and slumped over on the bed. My brother and I ran out yelling  "Dad is dying, Dad is dying. His business partner came over and after working on him for awhile pronounced him dead. My brother was 10 and I was 13 and my dad was now dead at the age of 34, the prime of his life.

The next morning we got our church clothes on and went to the funeral home. The funeral director said to my mom, "Are you ready? and she reluctantly said,,Yes. He opened the curtain and there was my daddy. All I wanted to do was crawl in the casket with him and hold onto him. I wanted him to wake up, I wanted him to throw the football again, be here for our birthdays, our graduations, I wanted my daddy back. I cried so much it hurt. Death is so final. So now, my journey starts.

The Lord had gifted me in running and I had broken many records and went on to the University of Maryland to run. I became a pilot for a major airline but lost both of these professions due to an illness. Why did God take my job and my daddy, why, why, he had so much more to do? My mom and dad took us to church each Sunday. He talked about Jesus a lot. After his death I thought if this is what believing in Jesus is I don't want it. I left Jesus for 23 years but fortunately Jesus never left me.

On November 29, 1992 I was channel surfing and thought I stopped on the comedy channel. Here was a man that was flailing his arms, and couldn't walk straight and was very difficult to understand. After a while I began to understand him and it was like he was talking only to me. This man's name was David Ring, an Evangelist with cerebral palsy who had been down and out, ridiculed but through the grace of God became a great preacher. God used David that snowy night to bring me in the arms of Jesus. I asked Jesus into my life that night and from that moment on I was forever changed. I now have hope, I don't fear death and I love to talk about Jesus.

For many years I couldn't go to my dad's grave. It was too painful. Now I can go because I know he isn't there. Amen! He is in heaven because I know he had placed his faith in Jesus. In our family, my dad won. He got to heaven first. The more we can rid ourselves of the things of this world that entrap us and look forward to being with Jesus the quicker we can live a joyful life here on earth. 

The Lord has allowed me to experience many tragedies and triumphs in this life and looking back I would not change a day of my life.  These trials have saved me from Satan's grasp. They woke me up out of my slumber. The collection of devotionals in this website are from the e mail ministry that the Lord has enabled me to have. I started sending it to 4 people and the Lord has multiplied it thousands of times over. I pray that these devotionals will lead you to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and will give you a passion for heaven so you too can say and believe "Whoever Gets To Heaven First Wins."